MSU CrowdPower

CrowdPower is MSU’s crowdfunding platform for programs on campus and in the Spartan community. In my time managing CrowdPower, I oversaw nearly 200 projects and help raise over $700,000. Through my efforts we were able to grow our yearly dollars raised by over 400% and our yearly donors by 350%.

Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council

I helped redevelop the website of the largest trade union in the state of Michigan. In this role I was able to massively improve the search engine presence of the organization on important issues related to their outreach on political issues. With my efforts we were able to take the website from have nine pages indexed on Google to over 1000 different pages and a significant increase in search traffic.

College Support Pages

Developed a new strategy to help drive web traffic to Michigan State’s fundraising website. Through this we were able to raise over $500,000 in relief for students impacted by COVID-19. Additionally, we were able to create an ongoing funding pipeline that drove nearly $150,000 in donations over a three month period.

Alex’s Great State Race

I served on the planning committee for the event and helped build a website for the organization. Each year ROTC members from MSU and UM run the game ball for the big football game. I helped with the fundraising arm of the project to help raise money for Resource Center for People With Disabilities, raising on average $25,000 a year for the center.